I’m André.

An entrepreneur, mindset & business coach and most important a strong visionary devoted to helping you grow into the person you want to be.
As I said I am just a simple girl with nothing more than passion, determination, courage, a laptop and positivity to bring to life my dream.

The one thing that I’m often asked is

“How the hack did you manage to do all this?”
As a kid, I was always asking questions. Why is the sky blue? How do plants grow? What makes a person happy? Been insatiably curious about human potential for as long as I can remember. What exactly is it that makes people genuinely happy, successful and creatively fulfilled? Why do some people struggle while others find a way to thrive, often despite the most challenging circumstances? I’ve read extensively on the topic, talked with experts and conducted my own experiments. I am fascinated by the human mind, and I wanted to understand what motivates people to be their best selves.
In Feb 2016 I left my family in Sicily and move to London. My dream was to build something for all of us, I longed to buy a property in London, start studying, and going to university. My purpose was to make my mum proud, just as I promised her when I was 16th.  My first job was in a care home in London where my wage was so low that I could only afford to eat boiled pasta with olive oil from home at lunchtime, and then boiled pasta with a spoon of tomato sauce in the evening if I could find it at a discounted price. This was my only menu for more than 2 months. In the meantime, I applied for PA jobs and every day I was drawing the way that I wish my life to be. In April of that year got a PA job. Later on, in September, I soon found out that the owner of the company had other businesses. One of the businesses that he had was a florist shop that wasn’t doing well, so he decided to close it down.

Look for the right opportunities

When I heard this I asked him to give me the opportunity to save the flower shop. We had a meeting where he asked me what knowledge I have in the flower industry.
I answered him with “Where is a will is also a way”   and “ I can design and achieve anything I wish” we did a deal where he gave me the opportunity for a year to grow the flower business.

Remember “I can design and achieve anything I wish”

In June 2018 I bought his share of the business. I had 5 full-time employees, I bought my first property in August, and in September I start studying business management at a university in central London. My life was so amazing, I was working only with high-end clients, travelling and supplying weddings all over Europe.

Real Women/ Real Inspiration /Real Impact

I was working in partnership with the best wedding venues in London. In 2019 I was nominated as one of the top 21 florist designers in the world and this gave me the opportunity to organize my own Master Class in London where I got a sponsorship of 380k one of my biggest sponsors was The Ritz Hotel, Mozafarian Jewellery, and 5 Star Wedding Directory. The Master Class sold out in just a few weeks that was on the market. For all these years I was having a huge impact on others’ lives, I was motivating them, supporting them in developing themself and developing their businesses. Truly speaking I was coaching without even knowing.

Things happened all the time, important how we deal with

In 2019 I was very ill and was diagnosed with cancer. It wasn’t a great time but I believe that everything happens for a reason. I was so sick, without the energy to go to work but thankfully the staff took great care of the flower business for me. I was fighting with myself, I was fighting for my life and during these difficult times, I made a promise that if I survive, I will start dedicating my life to supporting and empowering women to change their lives and do more of want to do what they love and fulfil their dreams.

I believe that everything happens for a reason

In 2020 the pandemic hit …. so terrible in many ways, but also a bringer of opportunity. Well, I did fully recover, and I started studying Life Coaching, deciding to close the shop and start a new journey. I feel so empowered and lucky to have the courage to start a new adventure, one that I knew was right for me. I felt my purpose in life is to help and empower other women.  I didn’t want to change my profession from one day to another I didn’t want to start calling myself a coach like so many are doing on social media platforms without understanding how, without the right training and mind-set the amount of damage can be caused.
I’m here to help you. My company is built on a solid rock of passion and love to become an unstoppable force of good. Our online training programs, free content and anything that we might offer – we wish to make a difference. We wish to help and support you to design and build your life the way you wish. Whether you just have a business idea that you wish to bring it to life, starting or growing your business or simply you are looking to make a big change in your life, we’re here to support you on each step you will have to take to reach the highest level of your potential.
Yes, I know by end of the day this is a business. Yes, we have products that we are selling. Yes, we’re deeply grateful and proud to earn a living. But you have to know that most of our creative programs are is offered to you 100% free of charge.
I committed to bring you the very best of my knowledge and learning, while keeping it honest and real as I go. So please don’t expect me to be perfect polish. I make mistakes, I have Sh**t days, and sometimes fear and self-doubt, but I am just like you and the rest of humanity.
Thank you, for giving me your time! I appreciate how far you have come. I hope this is the beginning of our long-lasting relationship. I’d love to learn more about you and your dreams. The best way to share that and stay connected is to make sure you become part of our community – just sign up below by entering your name and email.
With love
Andre xx
Terri Myrie

Terri Myrie

Wedding, Event and Conference Specialist

I recently had a session with Andreea as I needed to organize my thoughts, set goals for my business, prioritize and action them.


The session did exactly that! Andreea asked me pertinent questions and took me through a strategic thought process which provided me with a lot of clarity. I was able to identify existing and potential barriers which I am now able to mitigate. I have set a clear path for 2023 which I am sure will lead to success. It was definitely a productive and effective session and I recommend Andreea to all business professionals.


Georgiana Mocanu

Account Manager Westminster Area at Coca-Cola Europacific Partners

The VIP Mastermind Coaching Day was amazing. Andreea is very empathic and helpful.


She help me to clarified my goals for the next year and guide me to prioritize them.


The biggest achievement after the session was the fact that now I feel I have a start point and I feel more positive about my plans.


Would highly recommend Andreea if you need any help from someone who can guide you to fulfil your achievements.


Raniya Alam

Director of Strategic Projects Coutts (Private Banking)

Working with Andreea has been a great experience. One of the best things about working with her is feeling like you’re chatting to a friend but in a very professional way. For me this approach worked because a lot of the things we talked about during our sessions helped me look at things differently. She is also extremely adaptable and is good at holding you accountable or observing patterns and behaviours that sometimes you don’t see yourself.


I have personally gained a lot while working with Andreea, and it does feel like I’ve also gained a confidante of sorts. I started working with her as I was embarking on a major life change, moving countries, and going back to academia. Her support and perspective have helped me re-frame some outdated beliefs and brought structure to how I can achieve my goals. Every session ends with a few valuable takeaways.


Working with Andreea has really helped me during a period of transition. Doing groundwork in our initial sessions to define goals etc., was valuable in giving me a sense of direction and how to maximise my career break. Instead of feeling unstructured, the regular check ins have helped me be accountable to achieving goals that we set and discuss about how things need to evolve as needed.


I will recommend Andreea to my family and friends. She creates a very collaborative relationship which feels like your own friends’ giving you support rather than someone who is aloof and not invested in your goals. Really appreciate the support I’ve gotten from her.


Raluca Ursica

Psychotherapist and Counselling Psychologist at Positum

My relationship with Andreea started when she contacted me regarding a collaboration on a project for business women in London. Form the first moment we met I was impressed by her confidence and wealth of knowledge.
I soon realised that I need her skill set to further develop my business and so it all began
Andreea has a brilliant way of pointing out strengths and learning moments and so it was easy to discover resources and skills that I thought I didn’t poses.

In all my professional roles: Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Supervisor, and Trainer the focus is not on me but on the client/therapist/trainee. Andreea fully understood my dilemma and gently guided me to become more comfortable speaking about my achievements and sharing them with the world. This way I learned how to promote my business in an authentic way.


I whole heartedly recommend Andreea. My business partner and I find her guidance incredibly useful.


Camelia Tudor


The sessions I had with Andreea have been very rewarding. I have learned how to communicate clearly with the people in my life and reflect on my ways of communicating with them. I have been challenged to think about WHY I am communicating in this way and come up with a solution on my own on how I want my message to come across and how should I efficiently communicate it.


Figuring out those aspects of myself made me feel a lot more positive and calm about having difficult conversations with people


I would definitely recommend Andreea. If you need help, Andreea is definitely a professional who is insightful, supportive, non-judgemental and a joy to talk to.

Diana Barbos


The sessions I had with Andreea have been very rewarding. I have learned how to communicate clearly with the people in my life and reflect on my ways of communicating with them. I have been challenged to think about WHY I am communicating in this way and come up with a solution on my own on how I want my message to come across and how should I efficiently communicate it.


Figuring out those aspects of myself made me feel a lot more positive and calm about having difficult conversations with people


I would definitely recommend Andreea. If you need help, Andreea is definitely a professional who is insightful, supportive, non-judgemental and a joy to talk to.

Alicia T. Rozycki


My coaching journey with Andreea has been AMAZING! Andreea is honest, professional, and relatable.


With Andreea’s guidance, I have been reinvigorated with my business development. She provides insights that resonate and exercises that help identify what areas I need to develop. With these exercises, exhaustion shifts into accomplishment and intrinsic motivation, step by step. Routine meetings help with accountability but it is more than that; there is a personal connection that leads me to take action steps to not only report on accomplishments but for the sake of my own personal and business growth.


I have shifted from feeling tired after pushing through the various stages of business development to feeling motivated, accomplished, and wanting to tackle the next steps of growth. The shift from exhaustion to intrinsic motivation has been significant. We have not only moved forward with business growth but have explored ancillary topics that had been contributing to stagnation. She helped me to honestly explore these areas with conversation and exercises so that they no longer served as blocks to growth.


I 100% would recommend Andreea to friends and family and have! I think she is wonderful!

Alice Phillipson


My coaching journey with Andreea has been really positive.  Initially I wanted help with a managing the transitions between jobs, but I ended up staying at my job. Andreea was flexible in her approach and we were able to work on other goals I identified that I wanted to work on.


I was able to build a rapport easily with Andreea and I felt that she really listened to me and that she wanted to help me.   I found it really useful to set goals and then plan out exactly when I would take the actions.  Andreea helped me to plan this out to make it manageable and we would then check in on my progress during our coaching sessions. Knowing that I would have to update Andreea on my progress really moved me forward to work on actions to achieve my goals.  For example, my car breakdown cover had lapsed, and it had doubled in price. It was on my to do list to sort, but I was putting it off. Andreea helped me to see the benefits of calling up my breakdown company to negotiate the price. I was able to reduce it by £10 a month. This might seem like a small thing, but this gave me the momentum and confidence to get other tasks done.


Andreea has helped me with my working life as we worked on an area that I was struggling with at work.  I was putting of engaging with employers to discuss work opportunities for my clients.  Andreea helped me to have a mind shift about this and to focus on the benefits to my clients through doing this work. I now feel I have really improved with engaging with employers and a lot of this is down to my coaching work with Andreea. 


I would definitely recommend coaching with Andreea to my friends and family as I feel coaching with her has had a positive impact on me and she has given me tools that I can use going forward. 

Laura Taylor-Vann​


From the very first step and from a sceptical standpoint on my behalf; Andreea navigated me through the process and I soon discovered the circuitous route that I was following and blocking myself! It helped me and the clarity was a relief.